Folegandros is located in the southwestern part of the complex of Cyclades, among Milos and Sikinos.

It’s 104 miles far from Piraeus, 15 miles eastern from Milos, 22 miles northwestern from Santorini and 32 miles from Naxos.

Length: 13 km
Surface: 32 km2
Coastal length: 40 km
Maximum height: 455 m
Population: 670 citizens (almost)

Folegandros Map

It is a mountain island with rocky ground and its coasts are sheer mostly and they are forming many capes.

Karavostasis, that is located on the southeastern edge of Folegandros, is the main port of the island.

Chora is the capital, it is built on the eastern side of the island, and it is 3.5 km from Karavostasis.

Ano Meria is located northerner, it has rare housing and it is the most traditional part of the island.